Bienvenue/Welcome, Company SBB

© Theo Coté

International tour producer of Company Stefanie Batten Bland (New York/Paris), 2016 Jerome Robbins Awardee, Baryshnikov Art Centre Resident &  Kevin Spacey Foundation “Artist of Choice Awardee.”

« If the Matrix franchise had a dance company this would be it… » 
Claudio LaRocco New York Times

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Dance Europe Magazine Review


Näss - Compagnie Massala

© Charlotte Audureau

Development and Distribution for Massala Dance Company – Fouad Boussouf

Näss (2018) – First you will hear the rhythm, immemorial and haunting. On these beats, seven male dancers come together, mixing hip hop and traditional dance patterns. Amid communion and violence, ‘Nass’ takes you to the streets of Morocco where modernity and traditions meet.

« Ingeniously fusing the loose-limped sweep and pulse of traditional Moroccan dance with the excitement and athleticism of hip hop. »Kelly Apter

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10 millones - Argos Teatro

© Manolo Garriga

International Tour Producer of Argos Teatro, Cuba, company established 20 years ago by award winning director Carlos Celdran (Premio Nacional de Teatro).

According to Le Point, Carlos Celdran’s latest work, the autobiographical play 10 millones (Premio de la Critica 2016) is celebrated as « a cathartic play for an entire generation of Cubans. »

« Groundbreaking play unearths memories of Cuban trauma »Miami Herald


Peter Brook - The Tightrope

a film by Simon Brook

International Tour Producer of Peter Brook – The Tightrope,  a documentary film by Simon Brook.  Filmed in total immersion, with five hidden cameras – absolutely exceptional and unique circumstances for a documentary – The Tightrope plunges us into the intimate aspects of Peter Brook’s work, as well as that of his troupe, without disturbing the truth of the moment, and brings forth in a surprisingly visible manner the magic inherent to the creative process. Press kit.

“Marvelous! A unique look into a director’s world.”– New York Post


Fragmented Reflections

© F. Emmanuel Bastien, Manuphotos

Representing Manuphotos and Manuproductions, founded by F. Emmanuel Bastien, a photographer and videographer working between New York and Paris. For the last 20 years he has been shooting documentaries, commercials, fashion, and hard news for major channels such as the BBC, Reuters, AP, Globo, and Aljazeera. Today Emmanuel spends more time exploring the visual boundaries photography can offer and exhibits at Soho Photo Gallery, New York. 


Metamorphosis - Astragali Teatro

International Project Manager of Astragali Teatro, an international theatre company, under the direction of Fabio Tolledi. Based in Lecce, Italy, Astragali Teatro travels the world to make theatre emerging from the encounter of different languages and experiences, standing against the idea of frontier and separation as principles of conflict. Production, training, research, publications, theatrical experimentation and site specific performances in countries including Albania, Brazil, China, Czech Republic, Cyprus, France, Germany, Greece, Iraq, Italy Jordan, Kosovo, Palestine, Poland, Spain, Syria, Turkey…

List of current Artists/Projects

– Argos Teatro (Cuba) – theatre (National Theatre Award)
– Astragali Teatro (Italy) – theatre, site-specific performances, multi-media
– Brook Productions (France) – film production
– Massala Dance Company (France) – contemporary dance, hip-hop
– Manuphotos and Manuproductions (France/US) – photo/video/film
– Stefanie Batten Bland company (US/France) – dance theatre company
– Xenia Performing Arts Ensemble (Italy) – performing arts, music

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